Genesis Training – by Akshay Chopra


World’s Most Extensive Online Personal Training by Akshay Chopra – an ex-IAF Pilot, Health and Fitness Expert, Author and Speaker, and a Bodybuilder.

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World’s Most Extensive Online Personal Training


Basis of the program

Clean Eating + Intensive Workouts + Adequate Sleep + Required Supplementation + Reduced Stress = A new and healthier you

No harmful supplements prescribed

No prescription of useless and dangerous supplements like fat burners, pre-workouts etc.

No Calorie Counting/ No Weighing of Food

The only program in the country where the stupid concept of counting every calorie and weighing your food, before you eat anything, is done away with. Genesis uses the traditional approach of understanding your body and hunger patterns and helps you enjoy food as pleasure, not a punishment.

One on One

One of the few programs in which the client will be in contact with the coach through phone, e-mail, social media sites like Facebook & Instagram, and Whatsapp, throughout the program.

No Fads

The program does not have any kind of Low-calorie fad diets for weight loss, which is simply a loss of water and precious muscle mass.

Completely individualized

No single point approach for everyone.


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