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Sports In India

Before taking a look at the scenario of sports in the country, it is vital to understand what sports are in essence. One can define sports as physical activities or competitive games that maintain and improve health while giving the players enjoyment. So, be it multi-player games such as hockey, football, or cricket or single-player ones such as golf, all come under the purview of sports.

If we ask you what your favourite sports are, you are likely to respond quickly with football, cricket, tennis or basketball. But if we ask you when the last time you played any sport was, you will likely have to return to the memories of your school days.

That quite aptly reflects the scenario of sports in India. 

Sports have always been considered secondary to other elements such as academics and career. So while lots of people enjoy it as spectators, only a few play it.

Even then, most among those who play are people who have chosen sports their career. So our sports community website began asking questions – why not play sports just as an enjoyable way to maintain great health?

Perhaps it is our lack of awareness about the benefits that is impeding from embracing this excellent workout choice.

Benefits of Sports

Did you know playing sports such as football-only for an hour can help you burn calories! Sure, you can burn a lot of calories on your treadmill too. But the figures barely compared.

Added to that, working out regularly can make things a little monotonous. So our sports community in India suggests why not spice it up by adding your favourite game to your fitness regime. 

 Here are some of the benefits that playing sports offers:

  • Scientific studies prove that intense physical activity, such as playing a sport, can help you get better sleep. Your playing triggers the release of certain chemicals in the brain that make you feel more relaxed. And the more relaxed your brain is, the easier it is to fall asleep.
  • If you think you are too old to play sports, consider it once again. Active sports such as squash or tennis can keep your heart younger for a much longer period of time. Sports strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and make over-all heart function much better.
  • Just as playing sports helps you fall asleep, it also enables you to feel happier and more contended. The same set of chemicals that help in sleep also aid in the alleviation of depression and anxiety problems. Surely there is no better way to get over stress than sweating it out.
  • Playing sports can also improve your lung function and your digestive system.

These are just in the sphere of health. Our sports community website encourages you to come out and play because it also makes you more confident, better leaders, and great team players at the end of the day. When there are so many benefits to enjoy, what is stopping you from enjoying it and moving towards a fitter India.

Our  Community

Our sports community in India is a unique platform meant to tie you with all like-minded people across the country. When you see so many people who are embracing sports and benefitting from it, you will get all the encouragement you ever needed to make a start.

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You can also avail video interviews of experts to know about the latest developments in the line of health and fitness.

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