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About Us

Are you interested in taking up a sport but are unsure where to start? Researching and weighing pros and cons of fitness exercises can be overwhelming. This is where we step in. We at Physeek aim to bring like minded individuals together. We also aim to foster bonds and help people seek advice and understanding from professionals.

We are not like any other fitness website. At Physeek, you will be able to join particular groups suited to your fitness needs. Are you looking for a martial arts community? Look no further!

A Dying Art Form

Martial arts today is thought of as a dying art form. This is not entirely true, but a quick Google search proves that many individuals believe this. While it is a physically and mentally grueling sport, there are still people out there who practice it. In a country like India, however, community martial arts is slowly fading away.

This is one of the reasons why an online community is necessary. It is the best place to meet people who practice martial arts, or used to, and are willing to offer advice to beginners and amateurs. Here, you won’t have to think twice before speaking up or asking questions. You can be yourself!

Why You Should Join the Group

Martial arts is a useful exercise for everyone regardless of age. You can use it for self-defense, to maintain your physique or to simply discipline your body and mind. But martial arts must be practiced with another person to fully reap its many benefits. It is important to eat right to stay healthy, but it is also important to partake in physical exercise a few times a week.

Our team believes that growth can occur only through teamwork and community building. Community martial arts can help guide you in the right direction with regard to what diet and workout plan to follow. Following workout routines and eating particular foods without knowing their benefits and risks can be harmful. But after joining the Physeek group, you will have all the information you need.

The Need for Community

The primary goal of martial arts is to develop a sound body and mind. It can be difficult committing to a certain exercise routine. Some find it tough to carve time out from their busy lives to practice martial arts, or any other sport for that matter. Every individual feels the need for community support at some point or the other.

With the strong support of an active community, you won’t feel the need to give up or quit a sport halfway. The presence of a group helps create strong social bonds. It helps in creating a social network you can chat with about your struggles and highs and lows.

The need for community today is stronger than ever. Many people have had to deal with feelings of inadequacy and loneliness during the pandemic. Being a part of a thriving community can help tackle these feelings and help you reach your highest potential. A community can also help in setting goals and ensuring you work towards reaching them.

If you are just beginning in the field of martial arts, find the answers to all your questions here. We at Physeek would love to join you on the exciting journey that awaits you.

What We Offer

Here, you will find details on everything about martial arts. Learn about its history, benefits, risks and hazards, routine, workout and how to stay in shape. Participate in healthy discussions related to martial arts. Voice your opinions. Discover what’s new and discuss how to improve certain aspects. 

Additionally, we also offer live sessions with experts in the field. You will be able to listen to professionals and ask them any questions you may have. Chat with experts from all over the world without any hesitations. Keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of martial arts by becoming a member of our family.

The martial arts community can provide inspiration in many forms. Becoming a part of the group means you will have access to what other members are doing. Follow live discussions and debates and access photos from the community members. Trust us, all these things go a long way in keeping in shape and honoring your commitment to the physical activity.

Our online martial arts community is your one stop for the latest news, discussions and interviews relevant to the field.

What are You Waiting For?

Physeek will aid you in your fitness journey at every step of the way. Join us to find out about the perfect diet and fitness plan for you. If you don’t believe us, believe in your fellow community members from different cities and towns!