Top 5 Celebrities Who “Zumba” Their Way to A Stunning Figure

  • Top 5 Celebrities Who “Zumba” Their Way to A Stunning Figure

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    January 26, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    One of the most popular dances cum fitness programs- Zumba, has taken the world by storm. A mixture of salsa, martial arts, and mambo, Zumba was first launched officially in 2001. Since then, innumerable actors, singers, and celebrities from all walks have adopted it to get a stunning figure.

    Here is a list of the top five celebrities who are using Zumba to look fit and fab:


    Have you wondered what the secret behind those superb hips of Shakira is? Well, it is Zumba! The 43 years old Colombian singer has been practising Zumba for a long time now. In fact, even during her pregnancy, the singer continued to practice Zumba for her fitness.


    A name that needs no introduction, Maddona still looks so young and fit even at the age of sixty-two years. The reason is Zumba. She combines it with a bit of yoga and running to get the best results.


    Surprised by this name on the list? Yes! Pitbull too, practices Zumba. In fact, he is such an ardent lover of this workout type that he has worked with the founder of Zumba to develop a special workout routine for himself.

    Emma Watson

    An actress who has fans worldwide, Emma Watson is another name you can’t ignore when it comes to Zumba. The thirty years old actress has reportedly been practising Zumba since she was in college.

    Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Vivica A. Fox are other popular names on the list. You can get their stunning figure too. Try out Zumba and live the change.

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