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    February 17, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Running is almost an instinctive action in people whose origin may be said to be connected with the origin of the human race itself. Once a child begins to walk, they develop the propensity to run naturally. But have you ever wondered how running originated as a sport?

    It is said that competitive running shares its origin in religious festivals. Records as old as 632 BCE have pieces of evidence of races being held between two nations. In fact, the first recorded Olympics that took place in 776 BCE had running competition as one of the chief events.

    Why Did Humans First Run?

    Several physiological and natural habits of humans and animals have been taken into consideration to construct the history of running. It is likely that human beings first ran in an attempt to hunt for food successfully. This is also supported by modern scientific findings that seem to add force to this theory.

    However, it is the accessibility of running that likely turned it into a kind of sport.

    Running is Accessible

    It needs no saying that running is the most accessible sport in the world. You need neither any additional gear nor any kind of equipment to run. In fact, the first runners in the world had, in probability, ran barefoot in ill-defined tracks.

    Perhaps this is why running as a sport is so
    popular in even the most remote place in the world. Even in modern times, where
    there is no want of options, running remains popular.

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