Top 2 Cricketers Who Are Role Models for the Fitness Freak

  • Top 2 Cricketers Who Are Role Models for the Fitness Freak

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    February 9, 2021 at 12:47 pm

    Are you a cricket lover? And are you a fitness freak too? It remains beyond doubt that cricketers are some of the fittest celebrities that we see out there, irrespective of your answer to the first question. Even for people who do not appreciate the game, the sheer discipline and hard work that cricketers put into building their fitness is awe-inspiring.

    Here is a list of two cricketers who have become role-models for all the fitness freaks out there:

    Virat Kohli

    The ripped body of Virat Kohli has earned him the envy of every man and admiration of all the women. His fitness is evident from the way he runs and scores in the field without the slightest sign of getting tired. The secret to this is undoubtedly Virat’s hard work. Even when he is not practising, Virat spends a great amount of time running, walking and toiling in the gym.

    He also maintains a strict diet to ensure he has the right energy level required for the game.

    Jason Ray

    Another international cricketer who often steals the headlines not just for his skills in the field but his fitness level is Jason Ray. Ray is an English opener who has totally smashed his opponents with his long innings. Indeed none of these would be possible if not for his training as an athlete. His athletic practice is evident in the field by the way he saves runs for the team.

    Please find out more about cricketers and their active lifestyle and get inspired to stay fit.

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