Cricket Amidst The Covid Crisis

  • Cricket Amidst The Covid Crisis

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    March 7, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. The sports world too plunged into uncertainty due to the various restrictions imposed to prevent the infection from spread. Leagues and series were either cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Indeed group sports such as cricket come with additional challenges for both the organisers and the players in this trying time.

    Players and fans alike were despised by the situation. But where large events like Wimbledon and Tokyo Olympics were put on hold, there seemed to be little or no hope at all for the resumption of cricket matches.

    India Paves the Way

    However, India was not ready to cower down in front of the challenges. After five months of delay, the first glimpses of joy were presented to the Indian Premier League’s fans. Breaking away from the traditions, however, the tournament was not organised on Indian soil. Rather it was held 1620 miles away in Dubai.

    This made much sense as the country was grappling with the spread of the virus, while Dubai considerably had its numbers under control. The players were duly quarantined and tested before appearing on the field. Several other steps were introduced in the area to ensure maximum protection. Added to that, there were also restrictions on the audience, and the matches were televised to be viewed by the public.

    Final Thoughts

    With these insightful steps, the tournament was successfully conducted. Following the IPL, several other ODIs and tournaments have been organised since. It goes on to show us that with the right precautions in place, cricket can still be enjoyed and played. You can play cricket too and reap unlimited health benefits with the game.

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