Covid, Business, Badminton and Uncertainty

  • Covid, Business, Badminton and Uncertainty

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    March 25, 2021 at 11:30 pm

    If a sport is widely played, it attracts sponsors and investors who wish to improve the game. Without investment in today’s world, it is difficult for a sport to thrive. However, because of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, all sports have suffered.


    Let’s evaluate both business opportunities and the impact of coronavirus on badminton.


    Sports to business

    Many students and young adults enjoy playing badminton as it helps relieve stress but also exercises the body. It has become a business opportunity now where certain individuals choose to open their own clubs for others to enjoy badminton in. One of the positives of badminton is that it does not require a lot of investment compared to bigger sports. These courts can be used to host competitions as well, bringing in money from different sponsors and spectators.



    Those who are good at badminton may choose to launch their own training programs and train young athletes. Even doing so part-time can provide an additional income.


    Impact of covid-19

    Badminton is played indoors where transmission of the virus is much higher. This has in turn affected tournaments as some players were paranoid to participate. The shuttlecock changes hands continuously, increasing the risk of infection. Air conditioners, sweat and heavy breathing are additional factors for the spread as well. Tournaments have not resumed as of yet and are unlikely to unless the spread is controlled.


    Badminton is a sport like any other and requires continuous investments and sponsorships to carry on. Given the widespread pandemic, the future of any sport and business is uncertain.

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