Badminton in Today’s World

  • Badminton in Today’s World

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    March 25, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    The world has been dealing with the unexpected pandemic since the beginning of 2020. The spread of coronavirus has affected all sects of life, including sports. Badminton is an indoor sport and has had to face the brunt of mass cancellations. But that does not mean the sport has become obsolete.


    Let’s see how badminton is fairing:


    Cancellation of events

    All badminton tournaments were halted even though other sports like football and basketball were carrying on in mid-2020. Indian badminton players supported the global decision to postpone events to ensure everyone’s safety.


    Youngster making headlines

    Badminton events are expected to restart soon, and seventeen-year-old Tanya Hemanth is making headlines. She is a junior shuttler who is ranked #12 in the world and has represented India on the international level on many occasions. She is balancing her academics with her sports career and serves as an inspiration to young players everywhere.


    The future is bright

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, badminton is perhaps the most flourishing sport in India, trailing shortly behind cricket. Indian national chief coach P Gopichand is hopeful and believes that badminton is India’s most played sport. There exists great scope for the development of the sport as the cost of the shuttlecock may reduce in the coming years.


    The future of any sport in today’s world is uncertain, but a sport as widely played as badminton is still in the news and thriving in cities and villages across India.

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